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Wandercon – Rocket League

Wandercon – Rocket League

14th January 2023
Prize Pool
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Welcome to the Wandercon Rocket League 3v3 tournament with a prize pool of €1000!

Wandercon – Rocket League is a tournament with an online phase from 14/01/2023 to 15/01/2023. The top 4 teams will meet on the LAN event from 03/02/2023 to 05/02/2023 which will be held in Osijek, Croatia. The LAN event will be the biggest gaming event in the southern Europe, hosting finals in 12 esports and featuring some of the biggest gaming public figures.

Prize pool

1st place: €500
2nd place: €300
3rd place: €100
4th place: €100

Day 1 starts on at 16:00 CEST time. Day 1 matches are played off-stream and you play until you reach Winner’s Semifinals, or until you have to wait for your opponent until Day 2 in the Losers’ Bracketstream.
Single Elimination Bracket
Early matches are Best of 5
Grand Finals are Best of 5

Check-ins open 30 minutes before the tournament starts
You must check in at least 5 minutes before the tournament starts
Seeds will be made an hour before the tournament starts. If you do not register at least an hour before the tournament starts, you may not be able to participate.
Tournament Rules
Failing to follow the listed rules can result in Disqualification. Tournament staff reserves the authority to disqualify players for reasons that are not listed in these rules.

Result Reporting

Both teams must report the proper series score after the match has been concluded
Game Restart

If a player is experiencing internet lag, disconnects or some other technical issues during the game, the game must be played through and cannot be restarted.
The player can forfeit that match or he can join back in the ongoing match and continue playing.

Spectators are not allowed in the lobby.

All matches should be played on European servers

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